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The Streamlog sp. z o.o. as a neutral logistics provider offers various solutions for both the beverage industry and for other industrial customers. Our main business activities include; trade, catering, beverage wholesale, HoReCa dispatcher.
Our business relationships are characterized by performance, responsibility and reliability. This can be seen among others in a high quality of service. Its customers and suppliers, we maintain a trusting and lasting partnership.

In the field of warehouse logistics, you will find a series of tasks that we can do for you.

We are an approved operator of the excise warehouse which is licensed for storage of beer, wine and spirits.

We have many clients using our 500 sqm bonded warehousing facilities located conveniently in Warsaw and a direct access to the S8/A2. As an example today we have  pallets of wine stored under bond and we can pick and dispatch these by the pallet, the case or even by the bottle using our own premises licence, which is ideal for customers selling direct to consumers by ecommerce websites.
Beer, wine and spirits can be either shipped from our excise warehouse to another excise warehouse within EU or they can be exported out of EU. Furthermore, beer and wine can be also released to the free circulation.
In case of transports, we can issue or terminate eAD through the EMCS system.
For those clients who use our services, we can provide sticking of their excise stamps onto bottles. We also collect the stamps from the polish customs house, we do the management of the stamps and we return the stamps back to the customs house, on behalf of a client. In addition to excise stamps, we also do sticking of text labels onto bottles. Text labels can be delivered to us by a client or printed out by us.
We can:
-   carry out a complete evaluation of your warehousing requirements and create a bespoke solution for all your needs in one package. We can provide cost effective services to both small and large businesses.
-  provide an excise guarantee and accept e-AD (Export Accompanying Documents) for when the excise stamps are not pasted by us but are already pasted by the manufacturer. This guarantee releases the supplier/producer from the excise guarantee.
-  provide accounting, pasting and preparing of goods with the excise stamps of the Republic of Poland.
-  Provide warehouse acceptance of goods delivered from the manufacturer or supplier;
-  Provide quality and compliance checking of the goods at the time of acceptance;
-  Provide completion and packaging of goods in accordance with orders and final despatch;
-  Prepare of all necessary export and transit documents.
Standard document and goods handling operations;
-   Sorting and packing of goods and the creation and distribution of shipments;
-  take care of the issues that accompany the free circulation of excise goods in    Poland and other EU countries like handling the Polish excise tax until the 25th day of the following month.
-  freely work with advertising materials, as well as storing excise stamps in a safe and checking LOT/Serial numbers.
As bonus we offer all custom clearance for excise goods in case they are moved to third-world countries under export, without the need of the customer to visit the Customs office – which translates as valuable extra time saved for our clients, which is extremely important for high season in the logistics business.
For the EU we use the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS), which offers our customers a simple way to receive goods in our excise warehouse from any other excise warehouse, whilst we take responsibility for all excise liabilities til the goods are released to the customer or distributed according to the order.
We cherish both your and our own business, we are growth oriented and we know that we can´t grow without your business by our side. This is why we use our fundamental skills of precision, timing, expertise with transparency to keep you happy and your goods in the right place at the right time.
Being able to defer the excise duty payment and simplify excise stamps procedure  gives businesses flexibility and time to arrange what they plan to do with the stock – whether this is selling the stock locally or arranging to re-export it.
By using an excise bonded warehouse you can reduce the risk your business is exposed to. It allows you to import new product lines without having to pay large tax fees before you have made any money. You can confirm enough sales to cover the duty before the products are released.

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